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Free access to wellbeing apps for all NHS staff

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Wellbeing apps can be a good way to ensure you are taking the time you need to focus on your mental health and emotional needs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several apps have offered their services to NHS staff for free until December 2020.

This page from NHS Employers lists these apps, explains what they do and how to access them, and gives information about the hardware you need to run them.

They include:

  • Unmind, an app which allows you to proactively improve your mental wellbeing,
  • Headspace, which provides science-backed mindfulness and meditation guiance,
  • Sleepio, which helps you create your own personalised sleep programme, and
  • Daylight, an app to aid in reducing anxiety.

You can choose to use as many as you need without charge.

Below you’ll find some other resources that relate to people working during the pandemic. You can also use your browser’s Back button to return to the selection you were just looking at, or click here to browse our list of curated toolkits to see if there’s one for you that relates to your sector.

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Organisation: NHS Employers
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