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Money problems are extremely common in the UK – the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) has found that more than 16% of UK adults currently have problem debt. They explain that worrying about money can make it difficult to fall asleep, and this stress can prevent you from functioning at work or in your personal life. This could potentially make it even more difficult to reduce your debt.

On this web page, BWC have created a simple guide to debt, an explanation of why it matters, and some first steps you can take to help yourself to improve your financial wellbeing. It includes advice on understanding what benefits might be available to you, tips on finding a financial advisor, and a financial resilience checker that can help you understand your personal situation better. It also includes links to related topics, such as creating a budget for your household and managing money-related stress. It isn’t only for people who work in banks – it is suitable for people from any industry, including the self-employed.

This is an ideal guide for individuals, and leaders might find it helpful to share with their teams as part of a financial wellbeing programme.

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Organisation: Bank Workers Charity
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