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Feeling stressed: keeping well workbook

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When it comes to stress, prevention is better than cure. This workbook, developed by Mindful Employer, has been created to help your employees identify areas of difficulty at work and come up with plans to cope.

It is a PDF file designed to be printed out or emailed to employees, and then allowing them time to complete it at their own pace. Questions such as ‘what are some of the things you feel you may want to work on to keep yourself well?’ encourage employees to think about helpful stress-management strategies, and a review section allows your staff to come back at a later date and revise their plans.

The workbook belongs to the employee and they decide how to use it. As such, they may not wish to share what they have written in it with their line manager. However, it can be useful for allowing employees to understand their own mental health better and spark open conversations about mental health at work.

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Organisation: Mindful Employer
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