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Dornan’s mental health and wellbeing awareness campaign

Organisation: Dornan


Dornan, an engineering firm, produced a video to show employees why mental health is a priority for their organisation and to encourage employees to talk about it - especially on Time To Talk Day.

Sometimes a short video can be the most effective way of communicating with employees about your values and approach. Dornan employs over 1400 people across a number of sites, and is aware that those people are part of a workforce that traditionally hasn’t felt inclined to talk about things like mental health and wellbeing.

But things are starting to change, with more and more organisations taking part in initiatives like Time To Talk Day. To mark Time To Talk Day 2019, Dornan has produced this video for their staff. It explains why mental health is a priority for them, encourages employees to think about how their colleagues are really feeling, and emphasises the importance of taking their mental health just as seriously as their physical health.

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Organisation: Dornan
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Dornan is an engineering and contracting company who specialise in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services.

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