David Corbin talks about mental health in the healthcare sector

Organisation: Dorset Mind


David Corbin is Dorset Healthcare’s Diversity and Equality. Here David talks about the importance of treating your own staff as potential service users too.

In this 2min 26sec video, David Corbin, Dorset Healthcare’s Diversity and Equality Manager, talks about the importance of speaking out early to access the right treatment. He firmly believes that if healthcare institutions show they care and get it right for their own staff, it will also send out the right message to the public.

David’s film was part of the #Day2Day campaign, a collaboration between Dorset Mind, Why Digital and Bournemouth University. Over the course of a month, a film was released every two days featuring an inspirational leader of a Dorset-based business or an organisation talking about their day-to-day mental health, good or bad.

The message is simple: if those at the top of an organisation start the conversation, the rest of the workplace will feel able to be open and honest about mental health.

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Organisation: Dorset Mind
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