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Creating mentally healthy legal workplaces

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The legal profession has unique challenges for staff wellbeing. Poor mental health is a risk not just for individuals but for companies, as it can lead to worse outcomes or compromise the careful decision-making lawyers are required to do. So, there’s a strong business case, as well as a moral one, for considering staff mental health. This short booklet outlines the issues and is full of tips for supporting staff and changing the culture. It includes:

  • statistics around mental health in the workplace;
  • developing mental health policies;
  • getting senior leaders involved and committed;
  • embedding wellbeing into the organisational culture;
  • raising awareness among colleagues;
  • encouraging a healthy work/life balance, and the benefits of flexible working;
  • investing in learning and development;
  • encouraging mentoring and peer support;
  • providing good supervision;
  • tips for talking about mental health with a colleague;
  • places to go for further help.

It’s a comprehensive but accessible starting point – and is a part of LawCare’s suite of resources​LawCare’s workplace hub Website LawCare's Workplace Hub brings together a wide range of links, materials and documents that they have curated to help legal firms and employers consider workplace mental health.Free By: LawCare View resource to help you take things further.

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Organisation: LawCare
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