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Covid-related anxiety and distress in the workplace


Feeling worried, concerned or anxious is understandable in a situation that is changing and uncertain. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to make changes to our lives, and as lockdown restrictions are altered, you might have conflicting feelings.

This PDF guide from the British Psychological Society explains that the way individual employees and employers deal with these feelings can affect their wellbeing and performance in the immediate and long term. This might include fears of coming into contact with the illness at work, passing it on to your friends or loved ones, or coping with new financial difficulties.

It uses the SHARE approach to help you manage your emotions in this difficult time:

  • Safe working: Assessing risk in the workplace
  • Help yourself and others: Communicating and meeting needs.
  • Adapt to change: Diverse workplace situations and adjusting to the ‘new normal’
  • Relieve the pressure: Helping yourself and others to adapt and cope.
  • Evaluate: Review the situation regularly to ensure ongoing success

It’s aimed at both employers and staff, and can be used to create your own tailored COVID-19 response plan.

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