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COVID-19 mental wellbeing guidance

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Experiencing a pandemic can be very unsettling and have a negative impact on someone’s mental health, both in the short and longer term. If you work in the healthcare industry, that impact is going to be even more extreme. You might be worried about your workload, your own health, or the wellbeing of your family and friends. If you’re a manager within the NHS, you will need to be thinking about the wellbeing of your staff; but thankfully there are many strategies you can use help them to cope at this difficult time.

The British Psychological Society has outlined three phases of support for NHS staff as they respond to COVID-19 and transition into a period of recovery and reset. This web page from NHS Employers explains what those phases are, the impact they may have on staff, and how you can manage the long-term psychological effects the pandemic may have caused.

It is ideal for anyone who manages staff within the NHS.

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Organisation: NHS Employers
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