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Coronavirus: supporting yourself and your team

Organisation: Mind

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It’s likely that we’ll be working from home for longer periods of time to help keep us all safe during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s important we recognise how it may affect our mental health and make sure we are taking care of ourselves and our colleagues.

These tips from Mind have been collated by Emma Mamo, the charity’s Head of Workplace Wellbeing. She suggests ways of maintaining a positive work/life balance, ideas on keeping in touch with colleagues, and how to manage new ways of working as a team. She also highlights the importance of wellness action plans​Guides to wellness action plans Web page Wellness action plans are an easy way to help support your own mental health at work and that of your team members. Mind has guidance and templates to get you started, for both employees and line managers.FreeSign up to receive by e-mail By: Mind View resource, and how they can be adapted to cover working from home for extended periods.

The web page also includes links to more general coronavirus advice, and how it may affect our mental health.

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Organisation: Mind
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Mind provides advice and support on mental health, and campaigns to improve understanding, across England and Wales.

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