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Coping with stress: Advice for hospital staff during the COVID pandemic


There are sure to be times that those working in the NHS feel overwhelmed and, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to put strain on our hospitals, stress and pressure is at a peak. This one-page PDF from the COVID Trauma Working Group gently discusses some of the emotions you may be feeling, reassures you that your responses are normal, and offers advice for coping with this difficult situation.

Tips include taking the time to stay in touch with friends – even if you can’t be with them physically – or focusing on the things you can control when you are feeling uncertain.

It is especially helpful when you are feeling burnt out, helping to remind you that there will be an end to the outbreak and things will return to normal in the future.

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The COVID Trauma Response Working Group has been formed to help co-ordinate responses to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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