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Terminal illness, caring for a loved one, and bereavement can affect anyone. It’s normal for people to feel sad, anxious, angry, or many other emotions during the troubling times these cause, and this can impact both their personal and working lives.

As an employer, there are ways you can support your staff who experience these life-altering circumstances. Hospice UK’s Compassionate Employers programme offers practical guides, workshops, self-assessment tools and a dedicated account manager to help you work with people experiencing terminal illness and grief. Your employees will be able to access topical content and advice relating to terminal illness and loss as and when they require them.

This service is not designed to be used only once an employee experiences loss or terminal illness. Instead, it will help you create an environment within your organisation which will break down stigmas surrounding death and terminal illness, allowing staff to talk about their experiences and seek help without fear when it is required.

To find out more details and enquire about pricing, employers can fill out a request form on the Compassionate Employers website.

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Organisation: Hospice UK
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