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Amber Le Bon’s experiences of imposter syndrome

Organisation: The Be Well Collective


Working in modelling can be a rewarding career – but being in the spotlight can have downsides too. You may feel you are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way, or to keep quiet about the problems you are going through on shoots. You may even experience imposter syndrome – the feeling that your success isn’t deserved, or that you might be ‘found out’ as a fraud.

Amber Le Bon, a model for beauty and clothing brands, knows these feelings all too well. In this video for the Be Well Collective, she shares her stories of uncomfortable moments in the industry, her anxiety and panic attacks, and of the ‘little voice’ she sometimes hears telling her she is not meant to be a model. She also discusses the ways she has learned to handle these negative feelings.

The video is 6 minutes 22 seconds long. You can watch the video here, or click on ‘view resource’ below to view it on the Be Well Collective site.

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Organisation: The Be Well Collective
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