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Address your stress toolkit

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To support Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England developed an ‘Address Your Stress’ toolkit. The aim of the toolkit is to:

• help you understand your stress triggers
• get you to know your unique stress signature
• manage your stress levels
• reduce the impact of stress on your wellbeing.

The toolkit includes interactive tools, such as the stress container, to help you understand what your stress triggers are and some coping methods to help you manage them. There are also handy GIFs that highlight key stress statistics that you can share on social media for Mental Health Awareness Week. The toolkit also features video clips from mental health campaigner Neil Laybourn, who talks about top self-care tips for stress. The toolkit is full of ways you can get involved and spread the message for Mental Health Awareness Week, including posters and badges to get your colleagues involved.

This toolkit contains lots of graphics that you can download or print. It is available at all times, not just for Mental Health Awareness Week.

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