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10 stress busters

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Living in lockdown as a result of the coronavirus outbreak can feel very stressful. We’ve all had to change our way of life – putting hobbies on hold, not seeing friends and family face-to-face, and exercising in different ways. All of this, as well as concerns about the impact of the illness, can affect your mental health.

This web page from the NHS outlines ten easy ways for you to reduce the amount of stress you experience. It includes tips on remaining positive, connecting with people, and getting active.

It was written before the lockdown, so you may need to modify some of the advice for your circumstances. For example, it encourages you to find ways to help other people and suggests helping someone cross the road. Since that is currently not possible, you might instead help someone by texting your neighbour to ask if they need anything when you go shopping, or joining a mutual aid group.

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