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This episode of the CIPD Podcast explores the nebulous idea of resilience, and why it's fundamental to the success of both individuals and organisations, helping them to adapt to change and bounce back from adversity.

Resilience has all sorts of meanings—encompassing everything from energy management to mindfulness and emotional awareness—but, in its various forms, is increasingly recognised as a fundamental factor in the success of an organisation.

Episode 110 of the CIPD Podcast explores the idea of resilience and how it relates to the success of both individuals and organisations. The CIPD is joined by Professor Ivan Robertson of Robertson Cooper Ltd, Dr. Tara Swart, CEO of The Unlimited Mind, and Andrew Larking, Principle Consultant at Learning Leadership Team. Together they look at recent research and some of the practical ways in which organisations can seek to improve their resilience.

The podcast is 16min 56sec long—and there’s a full written transcript published too.

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Organisation: CIPD
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