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Latest on Our Frontline

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Our Frontline never stops. Day and night, staff and volunteers are going out to work to keep us safe and able to go about our lives.

This is where we’ll be regularly sharing stories, tips, images and thoughts from those people and those who are supporting them – both original blog posts and highlights from the @OurFrontlineUK social channels.

You can also learn more about Our Frontline here, or see what support is available.


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“I never know who’ll be on the other end of that phone – each contact is completely anonymous and confidential – or how much gut-wrenching courage it has taken to lift the receiver and talk to a stranger about things that are so supremely personal. I never know how close they’ll be to the brink. I do know that Covid19 has added a dangerous layer of stress and anxiety to so many lives already teetering.” Anne is one of the incredible volunteers at our partner @samaritanscharity. We asked what it’s like answering calls on their mental health helpline throughout Coronavirus: “I talk to folk just like me who are facing different circumstances: single mums, prisoners, policemen, people suffering a break-up, students, the recently bereaved, the self-harming and the nearly homeless – and that’s just one shift. “I can’t offer solutions. What I can do is listen. When someone does me the honour of pouring out their life story or explains how desperate they are feeling, I’m so glad I’ve come in. I can, despite the gloom and fear, hold out a hand and say I care – I really do. The heart-breaking nature of this work is that I have no way of knowing what happens to each person once the phone goes down. I hope my being there, quietly in the darkness, makes enough of a difference for someone.” If you’re a frontline worker, don’t hesitate to reach out for 1-2-1 mental health support, 24/7 >

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