Mental Health at Work Commitment: webinar series

In 2020, Mind ran a series of webinars, in collaboration with expert partners, to help bring to life the different standards that form the Mental Health at Work Commitment.

The Mental Health at Work CommitmentWe talked about why each standard is important and shared ideas for implementing it in your organisation. And, because the world is very different now from when the Commitment launched, we looked at all of this through the challenges of the past few years, the lasting changes we’re still living with, and the new realities of work that many of us face.

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You can watch the webinars again in the recordings below.

To accompany these webinars, we recommend you have a look at Mind’s introduction to the Commitment guide.​The Mental Health at Work Commitment introduction guide PDF This PDF guide, created by the Mental Health at Work team, explains more about what the Commitment is, how to sign up, and what to do next.Free By: Mental Health at Work (website) View resource

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Standard 1: Prioritise mental health in the workplace by delivering a systematic programme of activity

Featuring Mind and CIPD

Standard 2: Proactively ensure work design and organisational culture drive positive mental health outcomes

Featuring Mind and Business in the Community

Standard 3: Promote an open culture around mental health

Featuring Mind and This Is Me

Standard 4: Increase organisational confidence and capability

Featuring Mind

Standard 5: Provide mental health tools and support

Featuring Mind and Mental Health at Work

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Standard 6: Increase transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting

Featuring Mind and City Mental Health Alliance

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