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Beckett Frith
Beckett Frith

Senior Content Officer, Mental Health at Work

For so many of us, the past two years have been full of sacrifices. We might have had to miss out on seeing our family and friends, taking part in traditions, or going away on holiday. Many of us have also had to give up seeing our colleagues frequently in the name of keeping everyone as safe as possible.

However, some of us have had to sacrifice even more. Many people working in key industries, such as healthcare and teaching, have had to work even harder than usual while under extreme amounts of pressure​Demands and pressures PDF Pressure can be a good thing, helping to keep us motivated and aware of the impact of your actions. However, if the pressure is inappropriate or too strong, it can result in stress.Free By: Unilever View resource. It is important that we don’t forget those who have given up so much of their time and expertise to support others, and we should think about the negative impact that this has had on their wellbeing.

Something as simple as a ‘thank you’ for those who have helped us can make a big difference

Far too often, these key workers who have given up so much have not received the recognition they deserve – but they soldiered on in 2021, and will continue into 2022.

Jon Wilks, CEO at The Institute of Health and Social Care Management, suggests that something as simple as a ‘thank you’ for those who have helped us can make a big difference. “The work of health and social care​Wellbeing support by telephone for health and social care staff Web page As part of Our Frontline, NHS and care staff in England can call Samaritans' dedicated confidential support line free on 0800 069 6222, 7am–11pm every day. Staff anywhere else in the UK can call on 116 123 to speak with a trained listening volunteer.Free By: Samaritans View resource people is demanding on many levels and society places great store in the vocational ‘calling’ of people to understand their resilience and commitment,” he explains.

“But behind this façade of resilience sits a human being with the same hopes, fears, aspirations and challenges that many of us face – and a word of ‘thank you’ does a great deal to boost and encourage health and social care people to keep going and feel appreciated.”

A surgeon puts on her face mask

And did you know that offering thanks can also be beneficial to the mental wellbeing of the wellwisher, too? Research suggests there is a link between gratitude and positive mental wellbeing – so even just telling someone they’ve done a good job, or really helped you, can make you feel better.

However, sadly, many of us struggle to actually show our appreciation. A survey from Aero Bliss found that one in ten of us admit that we only express gratitude twice a year or less, with 7% of men stating that they never express their gratitude.

This is where TAP Thank And Praise comes in. TAP is a free social thanking platform that allows users to do just that. Users can send their feelings of thanks directly to those who have positively impacted them, making sure their praise goes to the people who deserve it the most. TAP provides an easier way to send a message of thanks through their website and social media, and the TAP Thank And Praise app.

Here’s some examples of messages shared using TAP already:

Message to: NACAS Care workers


Where would we be without these wonderful people? Most of us will be very grateful for your time and energy, looking after vulnerable people and hope all the people will be grateful. Well done!

Message to: Killisick Junior School


Kathryn, thank you for all your hard work in organising some fantastic events for the children at Killisick. It doesn’t go unnoticed and know the Christmas events will be amazing!

Message to: United Lincolnshire County Hospitals


Thanks to all of you – Specialists, Doctors, Nurses and especially the Cleaners and Support Staff. It’s been a very difficult time. Without the extra hours and care you have taken, we would be lost. Hope things don’t continue to get worse. You all deserve some holidays.

Patrick Melvill, from TAP Thanks And Praise, says gratitude is important all year round, but can be especially important at special times like the holidays. “From a young age we learn about our human need to share and demonstrate ‘gratitude’,” he explains. “A term used is that we are ‘social animals’ and thrive on working together to take on the challenges thrown at us. Celebrating Christmas through gifts and the words ‘Thank you’ demonstrate how this helps us.

“But it also demonstrates our passion, ‘Give Gratitude’. We know the positive impact that it can bring to others, because we like it ourselves. When you give your message of thanks and see a smile – how does it make you feel?”

A man holds up a sign saying thank you

He adds that as we come to the end of 2021, a difficult year for many of us, the need for gratitude is important as ever. “Use the time and opportunities you have to give the ‘Gift of Gratitude’,” he suggests. “It’s free and quick, and will celebrate that moment with yourself, as well as the recipient; and also last a lot longer!”

If you want to send your own messages of thanks to any key worker, team or organisation you can download the new TAP App on iOS and Android by searching for ‘TAP Thank and Praise’ on the App Stores. If you want to know more please visit www.thankandpraise.com.

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