Prioritising your people with certification against BSI’s new psychological health and safety scheme

Sian Bishop
Sian Bishop

HR Business Partner - UK&I Assurance for BSI Group

ISO 45003 is a new certification for organisations serious about mental wellbeing in their workplace. In this blog, Sian Bishop explains more about this certification, and explains how you might achieve it.

Organisations across the world are realizing the benefits of prioritizing their people by creating safe and fulfilling work environments that nurture well-being. In a fast-evolving working world, the mental health and well-being of employees are key to both resilience and success. By focusing on embracing a culture of care, trust, and good mental health, we’re seeing a shift towards creating future-proof businesses that are supported by a happy and healthy workforce.

If you want to improve the well-being of your employees but are unsure of where to start, then certification against BSI’s new scheme​ISO 45003 – managing psychological health in the workplace for large businesses Web page ISO 45003 is a global standard giving practical guidance on managing psychological health in the workplace. This website explains more about ISO 45003, and also explains how to buy it.Paid forOrder directly from website By: The British Standards Institution View resource which is based on ISO 45003 could help. The first of its kind certification shows recognition that organisations are serious about the psychological health, safety, and well-being of their people. Using practical advice, you can achieve certification to best practices and show a commitment to excellence in the care of your staff. Having your processes audited by an independent third party will instill confidence in not only your stakeholders but assure your employees that you’re prioritising their individual well-being at a fundamental level. In short, certification helps to build trust both within and outside of your organisation.

Prioritizing your people to build a certified, happy and thriving workforce is the key to driving the future of your business

With workplace-related stress, anxiety, and burnout on the rise, organisations are understanding the pressing importance of addressing the growing risks workers face as we adapt to a changing world. Prioritising your people to build a certified, happy and thriving workforce is the key to driving the future of your business. Our assessment services can provide reassurance on the robustness of your organisation and work to support your continual improvement as you follow the framework of the standard.

BSI’s latest scheme is the first global certification scheme to offer guidance on the management of psychosocial risks. It defines a psychologically healthy and safe workplace as one that promotes workers’ psychological wellbeing and actively works to prevent harm to psychological health. Assessment of psychosocial (psychological and social) risks can identify challenges to mental health from an organisation, which can be influenced by factors such as workload, environment, work-life balance, bullying, and many other day-to-day experiences that shape working life.

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Certification can help support your business in achieving its strategic goals through high levels of psychological health, safety, and well-being within the people at the heart of your business. With this culture of care, you can help unlock the potential of your workforce with a number of benefits such as discretionary effort; enhanced performance levels and productivity; strengthened recruitment, diversity, engagement, and retention; and cost and compliance benefits.

There are many other benefits, such as:

· Positive working environment,
· Improved organizational resilience,
· Increased innovation,
· Legal compliance, and
· Reduced absence from workplace stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression.

Mental health must start to become a physical reality in the workplace

The scheme can help shape and support your organisation through practical guidance you can put into place within your well-being strategy. With plenty of resources available, such as knowledge, training, gap analysis, and certification, you can use these tools to actively demonstrate your commitment to psychological health and safety. Mental health must start to become a physical reality in the workplace, not just an idealized concept. Our Client Managers have extensive experience in helping organizations of all shapes and sizes in protecting their workforce to do just that. BSI’s new scheme is designed to identify organisational hazards and to help organisations and their people across all sectors. Good mental health must be nurtured and encouraged for all. The standard has been written to provide clear and simple guidance with relevant examples that will support organizations and always put your people at the heart of your decision-making.

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Once you have achieved certification you will be able to demonstrate that you have been successfully assessed against the requirements of a management system standard and begin your organisation’s steps to a healthier and brighter future.

Here at BSI, we have been developing standards and helping organisations follow best practice since 1901. In an ever-changing world, BSI shapes, shares and embeds best practice to help organizations become future-proof. Health, safety, and well-being best practice are in our DNA.

To find out more about ISO 45003 and becoming certified, check out the links below.

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