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Lauren Mulhern

Lauren is one of the Senior Content Officers working on this site.

To develop Mental Health at Work, we tested it with users across the UK to gather feedback and find out how we could make it even better. A lot of you said that, with there being so many resources on here, it would be great if there was somewhere you could save them for later or remember which ones you’ve already read. Well, we listened, and the result of that is the very snazzy My Account area. You’ll see from the dashboard that you’ve got three main areas to play around with:

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My resources
This is where your saved and read resources will go. Not got enough time to read that really interesting report about Employee Assistance Programmes​Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) – Supporting good work for UK employers? PDF This report, published by The Work Foundation in association with the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, explains how Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) can be used by employers to seek help on both work and non-work related issues. Free By: The Work Foundation View resource, but don’t want to forget about it? Easy. Once you have an account, you’ll notice that you’re able to save resources for later, by clicking on the Heart icon icon. All of your saved resources will go into this dashboard area, so you can come back to them when you’ve got a bit more time on your hands. Equally, if you’ve just listened to an inspiring podcast about resilience and want to revisit it later or tell your colleagues about it, you can mark the resource as read by clicking on the Eye icon icon. It’ll go straight into your resource area on the dashboard again, where you can filter between your saved and read items. Pretty nifty, huh?

My profile
This one’s pretty straightforward. This is where you can view and update your login details if you need to. We only need your name, email address and a secure password to get you started. If you need to change any of those details, you can do it here.

Workplace settings
Another exciting feature of your account is the workplace settings function. From here, you can enter your work details in order to personalise your resource results. By filling in your sector, role, workplace, size of organisation and region, you can get resources that are specific to you. Once you’ve updated these in your account, Mental Health at Work will remember them each time you come back to the site to find a resource. You can of course change these settings in your account if you need to. And if you wanted to widen your search or simply browse the fantastic resources we have on offer, you can tweak the filters on the resource listing page.

Signing up for an account couldn’t be easier (unless you’re a robot, then it’s notoriously difficult). All you need to do is click on the register button in the top right-hand corner menu, enter your name, email address and a secure password, and you’re away. What are you waiting for?

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